IMRT is an advanced treatment modality, allowing a higher, precise dose to the targeted tumor area, while minimizing radiation to surrounding normal healthy tissue.


IGRT uses advanced imaging techniques monitor patient motion and tumor movement to ensure the intended targets are treated consistently.


Using CT based treatment planning, our Oncologists will have a three dimensional (3D) visualization of the tumor area, along with the surrounding organs and normal healthy tissue..a complex treatment plan will be created using “beam shaping leaves” to outline the tumor volume plus margin while “blocking” (sparing) the surrounding organs and healthy tissue.


Electron radiation therapy primarily focuses on superficial diseases on the skin surface, such as skin cancers, mycosis fungoides and some lymph nodes. Electrons are also quite effective in treating a surgical bed where a tumor was removed (e.g breast)..Since electrons are considered a superficial treatment, maximum penetration occurs only a few centimeters (cm) beyond the skin surface, sparing deeper healthy tissue.


Stereotactic Radiosurgery usually involves a single, high dose radiation treatment to very small brain tumors. Using frameless immobilization techniques, state of the art image guidance, maximum dose can be delivered to an extremely precise tumor area, while minimizing exposure to the surrounding healthy tissue.


While similar to SRS, Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy delivers high dose radiation treatments to small tumor areas over a course of 2-5 visits. Treatments are done every other day. With the use of image guidance, tumor localization is achieved to ensure consistent radiation treatment to the intended target while minimizing exposure to normal healthy tissue’s is utilized for multiple areas of the body.

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